Headford Environment Group Updates

Apologies that this website is currently being updated. Please take a look at our recent page additions, but forgive us if its a little mixed up. We will endeavour to bring it up to date asap. For current events, please join us on facebook at Headford Environment Group.

You may notice that some new pages are being added on this site,  including details of our plans for a Pollinator Trail, and (finally) a digital copy of our Headford Biodiversity Plan.

Also check out our ‘Upcoming Events’ link at the side,  detailing our exciting project for Summer  2019, a series of Walking Wildlife  Workshops.

2 responses to “Headford Environment Group Updates

  1. My name is Frank Reilly I am a fisheries officer with Inland Fisheries Ireland. I am looking at putting a project in place on the Ballynalty stream, Glencorrib. This project will involve a number of group. If your group would be interested please contact me.

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